In charge of the valuable currency

I love people copying my creative work or quoting me!! It’s the ultimate confirmation of people liking your work. In the creative world an original idea is epic and if someone ripping one of my ideas it means I am sitting on the valuable currency. Love it! 

Went to Stockholm over the we to shake ass to Diplo mixing at Nalen. You don’t have to be disappointed – his creative way of working with music is epic and for sure he knows how to entertain a crowd. Major Lazer – Original Don ft. The Partysquad.


Don’t mix nervous hens and traffic

Years ago when I was test driving for driving licence my dad said; no nervous hens in the traffic!  Than he taught me parallel parking so I can manage in the smallest gap you can ever find. At the time older bf told me; handle the gear stick like a clitoris, don’t force it and don’t use violence. Don’t forget to flirt – that’s what the mirrors are for – always have a good look around you. Dad finished up with saying; ok some laps in the roundabout and you are ready to go. And I was ready to go. Thanks guys! According to me all engine power between my legs are good fun! And if anyone likes to apply for the bf-position I am looking for a sports car with rock’n roll arms. Everlast put me on.

Pin-point aesthetics that gives an Ah! Aha! Or Haha!

It seems like new work gig can become a smash hit project provided it doesn’t turn into a nothing-bubble and goes down the drain. It’s a high potential project meaning loads of money and power will be splashed = potential for creating design statement / writing architecture history due to committed and passionate people will be involved. If not turning into a nothing bubble. All I am aiming for is to contribute with that pin-point aesthetics that gives an Ah! Aha! Or Haha! Photographer Carl Kleiner teamed up with IKEA for a kitchen campaign. Ah!

Beat: Notorious BIG ft P.Diddy & Mase-Mo Money Mo Problems

Thank you 2011 and welcome 2012! Sum up and up coming

People I met; Astrid 1 year (owns shares to my heart), my doc (most skilled oncologist in Sweden),  my 3 nurses (they know their shit; plse give them the salary they deserve!), O.G the Mafioso boss with friends (absolute entertainment – plse let it continue),  someone impressive (swiped me off my feet),  a new good friend , a f-up in head client, an interesting client . Hot stuff; the new blond hairdo (while ago whiteout it I was looking like Kodjac, now looking more like Jackson Five) apparently made me irresistible and I never received so many compliments before I even  manage to cause jealousy dramas out and about. Besides it’s easier to slip through custom blond. Cool stuff; I lost my f-up in head client due to sick leave and won a most interesting client. Lovers I had and liked: Scotland and South America – return ticket to Nirvana. 2012 is all about; creative craziness, remembering friends and family, remembering death, focus on true heart and true love. Code word for the year is knowledge

Soundtrack: Never give up with Robin Thicke