Buying 30 meter silk

A long to-do list to care of while in HK; renew my business registration, tax declaration and all sorts of authority related boring necessities. But I start by going to the textile district to order fabrics. Always creativity and productivity first! Shim Shai Po is heaven for fabrics and all kind of possible and im-possible accessories. I’d love to have my office in this area! Imagine having that inspiring environment surrounding you on everyday basis. Future plan! I return to central with 30 meter of silk. Silk underwear, silk sheets, silk dresses. I’ll, just knocking myself out with my sewing machines.

Honey I’m home!

I took a week off to fly over and take care of my business in Hong Kong. I’m reflecting how close HK is to Sweden. I just get on the train in Malmö to the airport in Copenhagen, border the Boeing 777, dinner served, snooze– boom. Honey I’m home! This time I am so happy to see her (HK) I can’t hold my tears back when going down for landing.

Am I a kamikaze cookie

Or just too happy to live for my own good. Trying to adjust in a standard office environment for four month now. The honey moon phase the first two month went really well of course, happy to make some decent money and belong to a work group. But as soon they took away the creative work and switched Adobe creative suit and AutoCad into Word and Excel document I just can’t do it! I’m born to produce creative solutions and good design. I form room people like to enter, alive living spaces people like to stay in, feel at home in. That is what I do! I can sell my body but staying soul faithful.  It was nice, intense and explosive to meet you all but bye bye. Enjoy your stay at the office! Music Faithful by Common;  

If you can’t rock’n rock don’t fuck’n come!

I put on the thigh-high boots, the little dress and went out to see if I am capable of maintaining a Malmö crowd. Half a night later I have manage to download a hefty amount of vodka, become friend with O.G (financed the vodka) and added one more youngster under my making out belt. Youngsters are like snacks; not supposed to have any and a bit later I consumed both snacks and youngster. Ended night with a burger (financed by the youngster) and home at 05.00. However, I had the good taste to leave the party without taking someone / something home!

The first of four salon dinners, co-hosted by Wallpaper and Æsir Copenhagen, took place in the spectacular setting of The Parabola (the former Commonwealth Institute) in Kensington, London.

Hong Kong / Sweden; it’s the contrasts that create energy

In Hong Kong nothing is really simple but everything is possible, a lot of things have already happened but most things still remains to be done. Hong Kong is an unpredictable city with a surprising twist; perfect conditions for stimulating a creative mind, constantly refueling the energy and the desire to develop. Sweden refills my soul because it´s genuine, authentic, honest and full of true love.