Catching fresh money

Game plan; get my company off the ground. I need to do that so I can continue with the creative work I have to do. The worlds needs soulful spaces, environments touching your heart and bring magic into your daily functions. To get the company up and running I need a bag of money. Not much, just enough to get started. Apparently I will go to Beijing for that. I found a company which wants me to work as a senior architect managing a team of 25 Chinese architects to perform too many projects in a too short period. Very interesting challenge. Very. Chinese rule of working; is this humanly possible to perform? No. Okay then I want it done yesterday! But I’ll try it out. An adventure. And I can’t see any better options at the moment and it’s time to get started. I always have to set up goals to manage an assignment. Goal; not to get fired before I reached the amount of money I calculate I need (which probably will take me about 10 month), succeed in given task (good as ego boost/will look good in my CV), not shoot the head of more than max four co-workers/managers during the period, and of course bring home the cash I need.


Happy B-day Granny!

Granny is the cutest ever pretending to sleep when we stumble into her bedroom early in the morning singing with breakfast tray full of fresh flowers from the garden, yummy breaky and candles. I bought granny a lipstick with matching nail polish. Six hours of car driving and I would have travelled six hours more just to be able to spend her B-day with her! She is so excited over the celebration in the evening she upgrade me from ‘being pretty’ to ‘almost beautiful’. That’s my Granny! Porcelain from Royal Copenhagen.

Buying 30 meter silk

A long to-do list to care of while in HK; renew my business registration, tax declaration and all sorts of authority related boring necessities. But I start by going to the textile district to order fabrics. Always creativity and productivity first! Shim Shai Po is heaven for fabrics and all kind of possible and im-possible accessories. I’d love to have my office in this area! Imagine having that inspiring environment surrounding you on everyday basis. Future plan! I return to central with 30 meter of silk. Silk underwear, silk sheets, silk dresses. I’ll, just knocking myself out with my sewing machines.

Who’s fooling who

Bought a new IPhone from the Lebanese, friend and main connection to the ‘swedes with an immigrant background-crowd’ I love to hang out with. He loves gadgets, latest news and hi-tech and had a ‘spare IPhone 4’ to sell with subscription and yada ydad yada. Of course he tricked me! Ohh I did such a bad, bad deal. I am now embarking on a way to trick him right back. Head phones from Urban Ears – great sound! 

Kiss my ass

Client said; do it as you like it. So I did. A complete renovation implementing soulful and cozy atmosphere. They considered they got a home not a house and achieved the positive side effect of a 10% value increase of the apt in just 18 month. Kiss my ass I’m, good or I mean when client is satisfied I am satisfied.  

Time to put a dent in the universe

Friends advise me to adjust to the office politics and manners. From my perspective it’s a brilliant advice I will not follow. For me it’s a clear I need to move on finding my way to pick up my company again and continue the work with innovative ideas, creativity and good design = follow my true heart. Live my dream. ASAP.  Passion fuels the rocket, vision points the rocket to its ultimate destination.

Work week from outerspace

Trying to adjust to work in a regular office. Smash hit Monday; I manage to push the head of the Head. Of course he deserved it! I took out the bazooka and blow his head of right in front of his boss and the rest of the workgroup. Soft Tuesday; I was expecting to be fired as a result of the smash hit but I was given apologize instead (!). Tits up Wednesday; office kickoff for the new project ended up in chaos. I operate best in chaos so I perpetuates some awesome moments (great tool when negotiate salary). World war Thursday; I had to shoot the head of the Head. Again. Boom! Passed out Friday; working from home.