Fresh feeling

The taxi picks me up at 05.00 in the morning, same hour as the taxi dropped me off after the big Saturday out last WE. And by definition we know that there is something wrong with that hour of the day if you do anything except just sleeping in your bed. My hairdresser is on vacation (Swedish vacation lasts forever, min 4 weeks) and I look like a mad mix between a crazy professor and Jackson five. Too tired to solve the problem so I find the blond wig in my wardrobe and put it on. I had it on the job interview so it might work. At the train station I get reminded of how Blonds have more fun. A dude is actually whistling after me when I walk down the platform. 05.10 in the morning… Stay calm it’s just a wig. I don’t even like the attention. It’s just surface and fake. I think of the Impressive and Mr Awesome, they are never fake. None of them. I get on the train and look for the silence carriage. I consider laws and regulations most as recommendations and some make more sense than others. Silence carriage makes sense. Here you can sit and let your thought spin without disturbance.
So I’m on my way to the first day of the new work. If I turn now I’ll never know if I can get off the ground. 

Who’s fooling who

Bought a new IPhone from the Lebanese, friend and main connection to the ‘swedes with an immigrant background-crowd’ I love to hang out with. He loves gadgets, latest news and hi-tech and had a ‘spare IPhone 4’ to sell with subscription and yada ydad yada. Of course he tricked me! Ohh I did such a bad, bad deal. I am now embarking on a way to trick him right back. Head phones from Urban Ears – great sound! 

Time to put a dent in the universe

Friends advise me to adjust to the office politics and manners. From my perspective it’s a brilliant advice I will not follow. For me it’s a clear I need to move on finding my way to pick up my company again and continue the work with innovative ideas, creativity and good design = follow my true heart. Live my dream. ASAP.  Passion fuels the rocket, vision points the rocket to its ultimate destination.

Work week from outerspace

Trying to adjust to work in a regular office. Smash hit Monday; I manage to push the head of the Head. Of course he deserved it! I took out the bazooka and blow his head of right in front of his boss and the rest of the workgroup. Soft Tuesday; I was expecting to be fired as a result of the smash hit but I was given apologize instead (!). Tits up Wednesday; office kickoff for the new project ended up in chaos. I operate best in chaos so I perpetuates some awesome moments (great tool when negotiate salary). World war Thursday; I had to shoot the head of the Head. Again. Boom! Passed out Friday; working from home.

One error closer to success

With decisive steps I went down town Saturday afternoon to visit the pharmacy. New in Sweden is that you can buy sex toys there, so game plan was to enter the store right before closing time to avoid bumping into someone I know (I could go on internet but…). 50m from the pharmacy entrance I ran into friend B who says hi and introduce me to a new face, a good looking fella, apparently professional football player. A brief hi, a smile and then I excuse me to make it to the famacy in time. I find my toy and grab a face lotion as well and head over to the counter. What can you expect; of course football player arrives, grab some stuff and sneak up behind my back. Cashier starts nagging about me signing up for a member card and I don’t know what. Me shouting pretty please with sugar on top can I just be able to pay! And YES I DO want a bag!

I love crossover collaborations; here between the director David Lych and the designer Louboutin.

Tattoos I’ve met

My first boyfriend had a tattoo on his dick, I remember thinking this is a bit odd isn’t it? The most funny tattoo I’ve seen is the one the OZ dude had (I picked him up at a after ski bar when I was out snowboarding in Japan some years ago); right over his bum it said ’you’re gonna regret this tattoo but it was a great WE! At a martial art camp I met a guy with ‘fuck the word’ on his shoulder – perfect then we know! And the impressive one had a tattoo on his neck saying remember death / remember friends and family which is the only tattoo ever moved me. A beautiful word; magic. A beautiful sentence; you move me.

Safety regulations Hong Kong

When I was about to rent my HK crib I noted electricity cords coming out of the wall and made a comment to the agent showing me around; excuse me Mr but what about those 220 volt naked electricity vires? He looked at me with tired eyes and replies me back; just stay away Miss and you will be fine! My brother looked at me with worried eyes but I was convinced; oki I’ll take it! I also learned to place a magnet on the electricity box hanging outside the front door to increase the bill. Handy. Now I am subletting the place with the same good words ‘just stay away and you will be fine’.

Don’t mix nervous hens and traffic

Years ago when I was test driving for driving licence my dad said; no nervous hens in the traffic!  Than he taught me parallel parking so I can manage in the smallest gap you can ever find. At the time older bf told me; handle the gear stick like a clitoris, don’t force it and don’t use violence. Don’t forget to flirt – that’s what the mirrors are for – always have a good look around you. Dad finished up with saying; ok some laps in the roundabout and you are ready to go. And I was ready to go. Thanks guys! According to me all engine power between my legs are good fun! And if anyone likes to apply for the bf-position I am looking for a sports car with rock’n roll arms. Everlast put me on.