Fresh feeling

The taxi picks me up at 05.00 in the morning, same hour as the taxi dropped me off after the big Saturday out last WE. And by definition we know that there is something wrong with that hour of the day if you do anything except just sleeping in your bed. My hairdresser is on vacation (Swedish vacation lasts forever, min 4 weeks) and I look like a mad mix between a crazy professor and Jackson five. Too tired to solve the problem so I find the blond wig in my wardrobe and put it on. I had it on the job interview so it might work. At the train station I get reminded of how Blonds have more fun. A dude is actually whistling after me when I walk down the platform. 05.10 in the morning… Stay calm it’s just a wig. I don’t even like the attention. It’s just surface and fake. I think of the Impressive and Mr Awesome, they are never fake. None of them. I get on the train and look for the silence carriage. I consider laws and regulations most as recommendations and some make more sense than others. Silence carriage makes sense. Here you can sit and let your thought spin without disturbance.
So I’m on my way to the first day of the new work. If I turn now I’ll never know if I can get off the ground. 

Basic simplicity

Listening to Tracy Chapmans soft voice and let the tunes carry me. They are low and slow and soft, long and light, like the thoughts in my head. They carry me carry me carry me. I read the words in the book I’ve got in my hands carefully.
Live and let die.
Don’t judge.
Take it as it comes.
Handle it.
Everything will be fine.

A super hero

I’m about to catch the last bus home and walking briskly towards the bus stop. I can hear the bus behind me and I start to run but realize I’ll most likely miss it. The bus passes me, I’ll soo not make it! Fudge! Then I see that the bus-driver stops the bus and wait for me. A real super hero! A simple action but very beautiful.

Never fight universal energy

All of a sudden the Impressive one stands in front of me after months of silence. My mannerless heart starts beating double stroke and I fall out of focus. Is it love or nuclear power? In a world threatened by running out of nature resources and power it’s an honour to be given this kind of energy and a crime to not let it through – whatever it is. But I have a master plan written on the studio wall, a vision, a clear direction, a dream, and a goal…

Head full of awesomeness

Head full of awesomeness – bring creative June on! Energy level on top and master plan written on the studio wall. The time has arrived where it’s all about bringing the company back up and put a dent in the universe. Upcoming month is all about working with the creative tools like Adobe full suit, Auto Cad and Canon Power shot. Besides I’ll dance some rounds with my Husqvarna sewing machines since its satisfying to produce. The silk fabric I bought in Hong Kong is now going to take shape. Soundtrack: Love Is a Verb / John Mayer

Here’s to the crazy ones

Commuting on the train to the office every day I am reading the biography of Steve Jobs . I can’t control myself and crying out loud, laughing out loud, fully raped by the fantastic story. In 1984 Richard Dreyfus intoned in the signature TV spot: “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently . . . While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Think Different!
Photographer Kyle Thomsson

Pocket size life

Back in Sweden, Emeli Sandé is still singing on my iPhone and it feels quite ok to be back in Sweden. I love that fact that the world has become one. Traveling across the globe has become easy and all I need fits in my pocket, or in my heart. My whole life is in pocket size. iPhone, computer and internet is what I need, the rest in life is about friends and those people you meet along the way. Closing down latest creative work document in Hong Kong, border the plane and fall asleep to Music list ‘May 2012’ on my iPhone. Wake up in Sweden and reconnect and just tangle on. And now from flying to car driving; going up north in Sweden to celebrate Granny’s 93 B-day. She is still the most fantastic woman in the world. Photographer Erik Wåhlström.  

Honey I’m home!

I took a week off to fly over and take care of my business in Hong Kong. I’m reflecting how close HK is to Sweden. I just get on the train in Malmö to the airport in Copenhagen, border the Boeing 777, dinner served, snooze– boom. Honey I’m home! This time I am so happy to see her (HK) I can’t hold my tears back when going down for landing.