I go creative

When the only thing that is left of you is the love you receive and the love you can give priorities becomes easy. You know exactly what to do. And you do it. I go creative; design stuff, produce things and move the business forward. Locked up at Thorax I designed a graphic profile for a Swedish actor. I turned the remuneration into another piece of creativity; J Dauphin / Ann-Louise Landelius  Love their products and the Ann-Louise Landelius store in Stockholm is a splash of freshness.

The Superdetox

They call it chemo I call it super detox. They say cancer I say I got a bug in the system. In the beginning of March I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Aggressive and nasty. Huston we got a problem! Honey I’m home and I dropped a cancer bomb in the hallway!  I moved in with my friends and spent 3 month under the cherry tree in their garden. A very beautiful place for super detox. 

Sunday morning reflection

 It’s a new poppy in my bed. Again. 110kg of meat and I note how much space he occupies. I need to get rid of him! I open the front door throw out a ball ‘go fetch!’ then carefully close the door enjoying the smell of morning coffee and a new day rising. 

A Place

People are attentive and want to get all their senses stimulated. The atmosphere, the associations need to immediately give an impact on the customer. Therefore plays architecture an important role in the profiling of a company and is a part of the 
total experience. A Place in Malmö, Sweden manages to turn visitors into shopping mood in no time. I like the raw lux spirit, the concern about details, jazz music playing and the creative visual merchandise. Shoes from Thelocalfirm will keep you above the snow this winter.



A lady with many dresses

I’m a mixed bag of random im-possibilities; Swedish / American girl part(l)y living in Hong Kong when I don’t travel the world for business or go back to my roots in the deep forest of Sweden for Inspirational Timeout. I am an interior designer, architect, fashion designer, tailor, snowboarder, dancer, fancy woman, astronaut and… Light armatures floating like dreams from Ay Illuminate. 


Striving for magic

Most often is just about the money but at 226 Hollyowwd road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong it’s about heart, spirit and creating a space for human living. Designed by Studioillse and developed by Blakes with the sympathetic business idea to really looking at neighbor hoods and taking context into consideration to come up with something people will enjoy living in. Raw concrete, smooth wood, sophisticated details it’s just there; the mix that creates the magic.  

Hong Kong / Sweden; it’s the contrasts that create energy

In Hong Kong nothing is really simple but everything is possible, a lot of things have already happened but most things still remains to be done. Hong Kong is an unpredictable city with a surprising twist; perfect conditions for stimulating a creative mind, constantly refueling the energy and the desire to develop. Sweden refills my soul because it´s genuine, authentic, honest and full of true love.