I am a liar

I lied to be accepted to architecture school; I simply clicked the YES box regarding technical skills and judged 2,5 year of tailor school to be enough (surprised certificates wasn’t required). I had to do it. I had to become an architect. I managed to sneak in, meet the stringent examinations, and receive a Master diploma confirming some tailors also can design houses.

You can’t Google the solution for people’s feelings. Love is the answer.

I met someone impressive. Someone manage to catch my attention, arise my interest and impress me. Someone who base success in life on other values than power and money who is true in heart and with his free spirit managed to swipe me off my feet. A brief second in life my heart was beating double type. I like the soft color scheme and the fragile solid spirit;  Photographer / retoucher  Mike Vorrasi.


Working with contractors

Some people think it’s difficult to work with contractors. I don’t. It’s sexy. Contractors and handymen are the shit; they are the doers making it happen! They make the dreams come true. It’s easy; pick the best one, serve them well by giving them correct drawings – in time. Respect their knowledge and then walk the same path though out the work.   Futon bed in peaceful interior. It is only when the mind may be quiet as it can get wings.

Art is making regular shit look dope

One of my friend is living in Oz and Skyped me the other day announcing his latest art work purchase. Thrilled, excited and happy as a clam he was telling me; this piece of art is an ultimate reflection of my brain. I know him, I can see it too. 

Angels and Demons in Florence / Angels and Demons in Fashion by Charles Billich. 


Sweet blood in my veins

Hanging out with ‘Swedes with immigrant background’ as the politicians decided as the political correct name, and they are highly entertaining! O.G. says ‘Lisa you got sweet blood that’s why you are so social’. I like that. Sweet blood. Better than blue. Shhhh don’t tell blue.

Papa Palheta coffee boutique, Singapore

Work visa Sweden

O.G. looks at me with serious eyes and say; I have solutions for everything, I am doing really good business, I can list on stock market, I pay tax, I do everything by the books! But Lisa, doing business in Sweden and every day I think – this must be the last day! He finishes up the vodka order in more and say; Lisa your smile is killing me! Your smile is killing me!!

Designer Sergio Rodrigues, the legendary furniture designer from Rio de Janeiro, has set up shop in New York’s Espasso, the dynamic retailer specializing in furnishings and accessories from Brazil. Photography: Eliseu Cavalcante

If you can’t rock’n rock don’t fuck’n come!

I put on the thigh-high boots, the little dress and went out to see if I am capable of maintaining a Malmö crowd. Half a night later I have manage to download a hefty amount of vodka, become friend with O.G (financed the vodka) and added one more youngster under my making out belt. Youngsters are like snacks; not supposed to have any and a bit later I consumed both snacks and youngster. Ended night with a burger (financed by the youngster) and home at 05.00. However, I had the good taste to leave the party without taking someone / something home!

The first of four salon dinners, co-hosted by Wallpaper and Æsir Copenhagen, took place in the spectacular setting of The Parabola (the former Commonwealth Institute) in Kensington, London.

You are already naked

September 8 I was declared with a clean health bill.  “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure — these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” (Steve Jobs). 

Dusty Diamonds

This fantastic series of decorative plates and spheres is Anna Elzer Oscarson AEO debut at the design stage. She works closely with the porcelain factory in Lidköping, Sweden. The design is a meeting between old tradition and new technology. The series contain vase, saucer and two balls of different sizes. Color: white, black and shiny turquoise. Can be bought via Artelleriet, Gothenburg, Sweden.