A fresh view of life.

I have ironed long johns for days and finally smelling the powder going up north Sweden. Big snowflakes in the air, mountains everywhere, fresh air, fresh thoughts. There is enough adrenaline in this body to run a medium sized nuclear station. First beat out in the slope: It’s Alright dub plate remix / Bob Marley. 


Jingle bell all the way.

In August I got an irresistible invitation from a dear friend for Christmas celebration; My mom hate Christmas, you hate X-Mas, I don’t care and my brother is going to marry a prostitute – would you like to spend X-Mas with us? No one can resist such invitation. So I spent the holiday with dear friend in London feeling like I am in a movie with Jude Law (- Jude Law). Wonderful! A stylish new fleet of double-decker buses has recently hit the streets of London.  Form and function with a bold design expression bringing the history into the future.  Designer Thomas Heatherwick in collaboration with specialist bus manufacturer Wrightbus  / Balloons & Muffins lamp collection made by industrial designers Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova. New ways of speading light is always welcome.

A Christmas Carol.

I was 5 living with my mom in a small cottage by a lake in the Swedish forest, a bit like The Jungle Book. Mom´s rule was I could go swimming whenever I wanted if just an adult was around. There was a military camp close by and soldiers often came by for a duck dip. They were considered as adults.

One day two militaries came around; swimsuit on and off to the lake! They were great fun so I told them ‘hey my mom invites you for coffee!’ then I ran home to mom; put on the kettle mom, two militaries will come by for coffee! One of them stayed until sun rice. Two weeks later he moved in, they engaged and a year later they were married. He was married to my mom for 23 years and he was my dad. Dad in the meaning of ‘a real dad’; like the one who loved me and my mom and he taught me all the necessary stuff to know about life. Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas – Bing Crosby. 

Banging career is peaking.

I am bankrupt, uncertain if the stupid cancer bomb is still ticking and my company is looking more hollow than an echo. The only thing I can continuously rely on is my banging career; always peaking straight up taking me to nirvana. If my economy reminded just a bit of my banging career I’d never have to worry about how to pay rent or pension plan (which I don’t do anyhow since I don’t know state of my health). Apparently I have developed an excellent eye for alpha males with the property to please and with that in mind I consider myself as such successful, lucky girl.

Dj Diplo is coming to town!

January 21 Diplo is playing in Stockholm. Based on the unorthodox way he mix music, the way he express himself and how he reached his level by always staying true to heart; doing what he loves – I think we have the same kind of creative minds! He is a mixed bag of impossibilities, just like me and from Philadelphia just like me. He is DJ, producer, filmmaker, and manatee enthusiast and astronaut. I am an interior designer, architect, fashion designer, tailor, snowboarder, dancer… I’d like to get to know him. Seriously I think I’d like to apply for the GF-position if free. How to  reach the dude?

X-ray day. To be or not to be.

Swedish people love early mornings. Starting work at latest 08.00am (after an hour drive or so), so you can finish earlier (and fall asleep to children’s TV because there’s no sap left in your poor body). Today it’s Lucia and you have to start even earlier. Dressed up in night dress the Lucia procession entertains you with X-mas carols, mulled wine (still before 08.00am) and saffron buns.  At hospice they were more into radioactive sugar instead but I could see them and hear them. Nice. 

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

One of my friends revealed she dreams Armageddon dreams because she sending out applications applying for new job. I.e. she is heading from one well paid secure place to another well paid secure place. Some milestones in my life; father committed suicide, mom became alcoholic, married Prince Charming, divorced Prince Charming (way too charming), relationship with my boss’s son (10 years younger and so sexy), started company in The Netherland earned shit load of money and closed it down when it turned out sexy bf had another gf . Went all in when started a company in Hong Kong and lost it all when I had to go back to Sweden for cancer treatment. Now I don’t know how the fudge to pay rent. I wished my friend good luck with her applications and in my head I cld hear Lil Wayne; common get on my level – you gon’ need a space shuttle or a ladder lasting forever.

I got an offer I can’t resist!

Staying in Sweden and hanging out with Gansta Boss & Co is turning into a frequent activity. I am wondering will I end up with a horse head in my bed? Starting new work-gig tomorrow and post some inspiring work spaces. Whatever inspires you it’s all about how much creative power you get out of it!