Kiss my ass

Client said; do it as you like it. So I did. A complete renovation implementing soulful and cozy atmosphere. They considered they got a home not a house and achieved the positive side effect of a 10% value increase of the apt in just 18 month. Kiss my ass I’m, good or I mean when client is satisfied I am satisfied.  

Am I a kamikaze cookie

Or just too happy to live for my own good. Trying to adjust in a standard office environment for four month now. The honey moon phase the first two month went really well of course, happy to make some decent money and belong to a work group. But as soon they took away the creative work and switched Adobe creative suit and AutoCad into Word and Excel document I just can’t do it! I’m born to produce creative solutions and good design. I form room people like to enter, alive living spaces people like to stay in, feel at home in. That is what I do! I can sell my body but staying soul faithful.  It was nice, intense and explosive to meet you all but bye bye. Enjoy your stay at the office! Music Faithful by Common;  

Time to put a dent in the universe

Friends advise me to adjust to the office politics and manners. From my perspective it’s a brilliant advice I will not follow. For me it’s a clear I need to move on finding my way to pick up my company again and continue the work with innovative ideas, creativity and good design = follow my true heart. Live my dream. ASAP.  Passion fuels the rocket, vision points the rocket to its ultimate destination.

Work week from outerspace

Trying to adjust to work in a regular office. Smash hit Monday; I manage to push the head of the Head. Of course he deserved it! I took out the bazooka and blow his head of right in front of his boss and the rest of the workgroup. Soft Tuesday; I was expecting to be fired as a result of the smash hit but I was given apologize instead (!). Tits up Wednesday; office kickoff for the new project ended up in chaos. I operate best in chaos so I perpetuates some awesome moments (great tool when negotiate salary). World war Thursday; I had to shoot the head of the Head. Again. Boom! Passed out Friday; working from home.

One error closer to success

With decisive steps I went down town Saturday afternoon to visit the pharmacy. New in Sweden is that you can buy sex toys there, so game plan was to enter the store right before closing time to avoid bumping into someone I know (I could go on internet but…). 50m from the pharmacy entrance I ran into friend B who says hi and introduce me to a new face, a good looking fella, apparently professional football player. A brief hi, a smile and then I excuse me to make it to the famacy in time. I find my toy and grab a face lotion as well and head over to the counter. What can you expect; of course football player arrives, grab some stuff and sneak up behind my back. Cashier starts nagging about me signing up for a member card and I don’t know what. Me shouting pretty please with sugar on top can I just be able to pay! And YES I DO want a bag!

I love crossover collaborations; here between the director David Lych and the designer Louboutin.