Honey I’m home!

I took a week off to fly over and take care of my business in Hong Kong. I’m reflecting how close HK is to Sweden. I just get on the train in Malmö to the airport in Copenhagen, border the Boeing 777, dinner served, snooze– boom. Honey I’m home! This time I am so happy to see her (HK) I can’t hold my tears back when going down for landing.

Who’s fooling who

Bought a new IPhone from the Lebanese, friend and main connection to the ‘swedes with an immigrant background-crowd’ I love to hang out with. He loves gadgets, latest news and hi-tech and had a ‘spare IPhone 4’ to sell with subscription and yada ydad yada. Of course he tricked me! Ohh I did such a bad, bad deal. I am now embarking on a way to trick him right back. Head phones from Urban Ears – great sound!