Here’s to the crazy ones

Commuting on the train to the office every day I am reading the biography of Steve Jobs . I can’t control myself and crying out loud, laughing out loud, fully raped by the fantastic story. In 1984 Richard Dreyfus intoned in the signature TV spot: “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently . . . While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Think Different!
Photographer Kyle Thomsson

Happy B-day Granny!

Granny is the cutest ever pretending to sleep when we stumble into her bedroom early in the morning singing with breakfast tray full of fresh flowers from the garden, yummy breaky and candles. I bought granny a lipstick with matching nail polish. Six hours of car driving and I would have travelled six hours more just to be able to spend her B-day with her! She is so excited over the celebration in the evening she upgrade me from ‘being pretty’ to ‘almost beautiful’. That’s my Granny! Porcelain from Royal Copenhagen.

Pocket size life

Back in Sweden, Emeli Sandé is still singing on my iPhone and it feels quite ok to be back in Sweden. I love that fact that the world has become one. Traveling across the globe has become easy and all I need fits in my pocket, or in my heart. My whole life is in pocket size. iPhone, computer and internet is what I need, the rest in life is about friends and those people you meet along the way. Closing down latest creative work document in Hong Kong, border the plane and fall asleep to Music list ‘May 2012’ on my iPhone. Wake up in Sweden and reconnect and just tangle on. And now from flying to car driving; going up north in Sweden to celebrate Granny’s 93 B-day. She is still the most fantastic woman in the world. Photographer Erik Wåhlström.  

Wining and dining

Celebrating the silk with eating dinner at Heirloom with best of crowd. It’s so fantastic that still after a full year in Sweden I found all my friends and my life are here just waiting for me to take it back on. An indescribable, wonderful feeling. Meeting with people in a soulful atmosphere sharing food and having a few drinks is one of the greatest sources of inspiration. Today at Heirloom at Hollywood road 226; great food, great atmosphere with brilliant eye for details.

Buying 30 meter silk

A long to-do list to care of while in HK; renew my business registration, tax declaration and all sorts of authority related boring necessities. But I start by going to the textile district to order fabrics. Always creativity and productivity first! Shim Shai Po is heaven for fabrics and all kind of possible and im-possible accessories. I’d love to have my office in this area! Imagine having that inspiring environment surrounding you on everyday basis. Future plan! I return to central with 30 meter of silk. Silk underwear, silk sheets, silk dresses. I’ll, just knocking myself out with my sewing machines.