One error closer to success

With decisive steps I went down town Saturday afternoon to visit the pharmacy. New in Sweden is that you can buy sex toys there, so game plan was to enter the store right before closing time to avoid bumping into someone I know (I could go on internet but…). 50m from the pharmacy entrance I ran into friend B who says hi and introduce me to a new face, a good looking fella, apparently professional football player. A brief hi, a smile and then I excuse me to make it to the famacy in time. I find my toy and grab a face lotion as well and head over to the counter. What can you expect; of course football player arrives, grab some stuff and sneak up behind my back. Cashier starts nagging about me signing up for a member card and I don’t know what. Me shouting pretty please with sugar on top can I just be able to pay! And YES I DO want a bag!

I love crossover collaborations; here between the director David Lych and the designer Louboutin.


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