Work week from outerspace

Trying to adjust to work in a regular office. Smash hit Monday; I manage to push the head of the Head. Of course he deserved it! I took out the bazooka and blow his head of right in front of his boss and the rest of the workgroup. Soft Tuesday; I was expecting to be fired as a result of the smash hit but I was given apologize instead (!). Tits up Wednesday; office kickoff for the new project ended up in chaos. I operate best in chaos so I perpetuates some awesome moments (great tool when negotiate salary). World war Thursday; I had to shoot the head of the Head. Again. Boom! Passed out Friday; working from home.


2 thoughts on “Work week from outerspace

  1. That somehow reminds me of Matt, the loverly saxophonist. Remember him? The one with Elvis voice and the Clark Gable trenchcoat? I used to stroke his back and say: “Lugn och fin, Luuuuugn och fin” to him. He went from a little crazy to a total berserk in seconds.

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