Raisins and sun dried apricots

Delighted, she turns into the raisin-alley and purposefully reaches for a pack of the desired product, looks over the shoulder and feels the endorphins from today’s training kick in, and reaches a bag of sun dried apricots – yummy! Self-scan or pay station? Self-scan = steeling which she should refrain since it such a bad new habit. She glances toward today’s headlines which as usual cannot be used for anything but to capture what’s in the head of Swedish standard; which proclaims that Princess Madeleine has again been left behind. Since previous she knows that according to statistics 85% of all Swedes want to fuck the little princess and reflect over that all that actually get to fuck her choose to betray her… She pays to the retarded patient cashier and thinks with the mouth full of sun dried apricots; in its simplicity life is quite easy: everyone get to fuck and true love settle where it settles. You just have to find someone who loves you, who makes room for your values and support the path you are walking, even if he/she walks on another path. Easy as that.


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