Sunday and grooming

Sunny Sunday on the balcony, such perfect day for grooming. Every little hair shall carefully be picked with the tweezers. The debated armpits (wtf! there was a huge discussion regarding armpits and female hair a while ago in the daily news. Woman has the ‘right’ to keep it vs it’s disgusting so remove it…. Seriously! As previously already reflected on, most of the time the Swedish daily news can only be used to capture what’s in the head of Swedish standard population), hair on legs and arms never came back after chemotherapy (sometimes it just get better – according to me since I prefer not to have body-hair), the stubborn hair on my big toe and of course my funny. It is so wonderful with all the details polished! Soft and polished, soft and polished. I take all the curls fallen down on a towel with me to the balcony and let them flip down on the balcony below. I sit down on my balcony and eat my hot cheese cake cold, directly out of the package, turning my face towards the sun and let no clouds come in between.


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