Catching fresh money

Game plan; get my company off the ground. I need to do that so I can continue with the creative work I have to do. The worlds needs soulful spaces, environments touching your heart and bring magic into your daily functions. To get the company up and running I need a bag of money. Not much, just enough to get started. Apparently I will go to Beijing for that. I found a company which wants me to work as a senior architect managing a team of 25 Chinese architects to perform too many projects in a too short period. Very interesting challenge. Very. Chinese rule of working; is this humanly possible to perform? No. Okay then I want it done yesterday! But I’ll try it out. An adventure. And I can’t see any better options at the moment and it’s time to get started. I always have to set up goals to manage an assignment. Goal; not to get fired before I reached the amount of money I calculate I need (which probably will take me about 10 month), succeed in given task (good as ego boost/will look good in my CV), not shoot the head of more than max four co-workers/managers during the period, and of course bring home the cash I need.



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