Early in the morning

Vacation in Sweden, feet back on the ground. Soo needed, so great. Beijing makes me loose it. I need to do some kind of action both to get over The Impressive one and to prevent become mental in Beijing. I sign up for a couple of dating sites and after a few hours of browsing I realize most of the 25 000 people signed up share the same thoughts ‘this is not for me, I’ll never find anyone here / what am I doing here’. And yet in Sweden it’s one of the most common ways of meeting a loved one. I chat with one of my oldest, closest, dearest friend who knows me by heart and she wishes me good luck with a very doubtful voice. As if love is exclusively for the one living an ordinary, predictable life. As if you don’t dream of 2,1 child in suburbia / cute country house / like watching TV / grocery shopping – love will never involve you  = I am doomed to eternal solitude and loneliness. 

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