Raisins and sun dried apricots

Delighted, she turns into the raisin-alley and purposefully reaches for a pack of the desired product, looks over the shoulder and feels the endorphins from today’s training kick in, and reaches a bag of sun dried apricots – yummy! Self-scan or pay station? Self-scan = steeling which she should refrain since it such a bad new habit. She glances toward today’s headlines which as usual cannot be used for anything but to capture what’s in the head of Swedish standard; which proclaims that Princess Madeleine has again been left behind. Since previous she knows that according to statistics 85% of all Swedes want to fuck the little princess and reflect over that all that actually get to fuck her choose to betray her… She pays to the retarded patient cashier and thinks with the mouth full of sun dried apricots; in its simplicity life is quite easy: everyone get to fuck and true love settle where it settles. You just have to find someone who loves you, who makes room for your values and support the path you are walking, even if he/she walks on another path. Easy as that.


With my four legs on the ground, thinking with my heart

I like the way The Impressive reminds me that a focused mind is half the battle. I use the nuclear power that occurs around him to stand with my four legs on the ground thinking with my heart, boosting my vision forward. My design company will put a dent in the universe sooner than you know it, offering interior design service to the property market. We create spaces that affecting people, touching people’s heart. Rooms that welcome, places you want to stay in, places you want to live in. It’s not about a style it’s about a feeling. It’s about putting some magic into your life and adding value to your way of living.


Saturday but Sunday

Friday was a public holiday in Sweden so yesterday was Sunday but Saturday and I was chillin out on my balcony and devoted myself to psychoanalytic conversation with good friend L. I opened up the double doors and let my under body rest outside and my upper body in my living room. I.e. sun-bathing my ass. L: we are living example for ‘so disturbed mind but so aware and world’s best anyway’. Me: you don’t have to be stupid in head just because you r fucked up in head. L: true story bro! Me: I told Friend I resigned from the office position and Friend burst out ‘Lisa you are so impulsive!!’. It was time to tell Friend the true; No I am smart as fuck and a quick thinker and therefore able to make quick decisions. L: touché! After four hours on the balcony my BMW M10 engine was fully re-powered and ready to go again. 



Fascinated by the genuine life vs. a façade of a life

My latest apt here in Sweden is located in a really dodgy area, I crossed the border of what considered as decent and preferable. Standard conversation when meeting new people; Hi I’m Lisa, I’m an architect, living in Dodgy Hood. Then follows the part where I feel I have to justify the reasons for living here; I live in Dodgy Hood since I found an apt with the most stunning day light and because I sincerely like it there. I am aware of the facts, figures and opinions of drugs, unemployment, white trash, immigrants etc. But still – there’s a life going on here. We have more van’s and crap cars than Volvo’s and Ferrari’s parked on the streets. It’s the woman in the opposite house standing in her morning robe on the hallway balcony smoking a cigarette every second hour of the day. It’s the young mom always sitting outside the door playing with her cell phone while the little boy toddling around in his imaginary world. There is always Pablo fixing his car while his kids are playing with the go cart on the side street. The kids are always laughing. Pablo’s wife hanging out from one of the balconies checking on the kids or yelling dinner is ready. We have the teenager boys on the 3trd floor with the bike in the living room always playing music loud. And the young girls on the 2nd floor always giggling. It smells of all kind of spices, gasoline (go cart I think), cigarettes, weed and someone having a bbq on the children’s playground on a Thursday lunch. There is always something ongoing. Hang on a minute, now the teenager boys from the 3rd floor are in the apt on the 2nd floor with the girls. You can see life. I like it here because it’s lively and unpredictable. It’s not at all dressed up; no fancy fashion, no renovated flats, no fancy cars, not even decent sometimes but it’s genuine. There is not a beautiful façade life, but it’s very honest and that’s creates beautiful here . Sound of the day; Passenger/All the little Lights.


Passion and birthday’s

How to find your passion? Passions are those ideas that don’t leave you alone. They are the hopes, dreams and possibilities that consume your thoughts. Follow those passions despite skeptics and naysayers who don’t have the courage to follow their dreams’ (Steve Jobs). This weekend I helped friends with decorations for a b-day bash; four hours of silk-paper folding, metal wire and a pair of scissors and you got 50 pompoms to play with.


A super hero

I’m about to catch the last bus home and walking briskly towards the bus stop. I can hear the bus behind me and I start to run but realize I’ll most likely miss it. The bus passes me, I’ll soo not make it! Fudge! Then I see that the bus-driver stops the bus and wait for me. A real super hero! A simple action but very beautiful.


Never fight universal energy

All of a sudden the Impressive one stands in front of me after months of silence. My mannerless heart starts beating double stroke and I fall out of focus. Is it love or nuclear power? In a world threatened by running out of nature resources and power it’s an honour to be given this kind of energy and a crime to not let it through – whatever it is. But I have a master plan written on the studio wall, a vision, a clear direction, a dream, and a goal…


Damn idyllic

5 hours train ride up north in Sweden into the country, visiting one of my best friends who I known since child hood. She is one of the rare kinds that know more about me than I know myself – and still loves me. This idyllic environment affects me from high on stress to harmonic mood in no time. The constantly roaring engine inside my body turns quiet and my mind becomes calm. After four days here it feels like I have rebooted the whole system. Summer time and living is easy. The most famous Swedish summer hymns no 199; How Great Thou Art.


Head full of awesomeness

Head full of awesomeness – bring creative June on! Energy level on top and master plan written on the studio wall. The time has arrived where it’s all about bringing the company back up and put a dent in the universe. Upcoming month is all about working with the creative tools like Adobe full suit, Auto Cad and Canon Power shot. Besides I’ll dance some rounds with my Husqvarna sewing machines since its satisfying to produce. The silk fabric I bought in Hong Kong is now going to take shape. Soundtrack: Love Is a Verb / John Mayer


Here’s to the crazy ones

Commuting on the train to the office every day I am reading the biography of Steve Jobs . I can’t control myself and crying out loud, laughing out loud, fully raped by the fantastic story. In 1984 Richard Dreyfus intoned in the signature TV spot: “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently . . . While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Think Different!
Photographer Kyle Thomsson